Untuk memperindah tubuh, kamu juga harus memperhatikan gaya waxing loh!

Untuk memperindah tubuh, kamu juga harus memperhatikan gaya waxing loh!

Untuk memperindah tubuh, kamu juga harus memperhatikan gaya waxing loh!

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    Waxing not only removes a larger amount of hair faster than shaving, it also ensures fine hair grows for longer.

    Waxing is one of the trends to remove semi-permanent hairs using root extraction techniques. Hair removal techniques with waxing can inhibit hair or hair growth for three to four weeks, depending on your skin type. Some parts of our body that require waxing treatment are under the eyebrows, beard, bikini line, armpits, arms, around the calves and shins, stomach & chest, back and legs.

    Waxing can be done by applying hot wax over the skin to be waxed, then gluing gauze, then gently press it and pull it in the opposite direction of your hair or hair growth.

    The models and shapes of waxing also vary! Based on current trends, especially for waxing in the female area, such as:

  • Triangle trim

  • The waxing style of the triangle trim is a triangle on the hair that won't show up if you were wearing a bathing suit. Meanwhile, the hair around the triangle will be cleaned.
  • American waxing
    This is a common style of bikini wax because the American waxing will remove all of the hair that would show when you wear a bikini. The amount of hair to remove depends on what kind of bikini you are wearing. The remaining hair is also trimmed. Another name for this style is bikini line wax.
  • French waxing
    This style removes much more hair than american wax. This involves the entire hair from the front to the area between the front and back. Unlike Brazilian wax, the back hair is not removed. However, if you wish, you can leave a vertical line at the front of the hair. This hairline can be referred to as a landing strip.
  • Brazilian waxing
    This style is a complete bikini wax, because this brazilian waxing model removes all the hair in the bikini line from front to back. This Brazilian waxing is perfect for those of you who want to completely remove both front and back hair. You can also call this style hollywood wax or sphinx bikini wax.

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